Game Steering Wheels - T500, G27, Force GT

Thrustmaster RS Wheel

Thrustmaster RS navigation wheel

Thrustmaster T500 Pedals - Fixed above a coated metal footrest which not only seems excellent but prevents attrition, the pedals are entirely adjustable so you can set them apart, modify the tilt and the height: all the way down to simulate Formula One, or higher up for your GranTurismo 5 Prologue video driving games. The brake pedal's levels of resistance have been reinforced to more realistically echo real world braking. Weighing roughly seven kg it offers a robust platform, but is also replaceable with other manufacturers should you judge they're not proper for you.

Logitech G27 Wheel

Logitech G27 navigation wheel

The G27 driving game wheel's realistic 11" size and leather-covered rim help you experience a real driving experience right from the start! You're no longer playing games with the G27, you're driving.

GT Game Racing Wheel

Force GT driving wheel

The Force GT lets you feel every bump on the course, wreck and a loss of tractive force with striking realism. With real life-like race car maneuvering, gear switching, braking and acceleration, your racing simulation games will appear so true to life you may just wish to buckle up.